Teamwork makes the dream work. This grossly overused slogan is incredibly accurate. The ability to work together is one of the best assets a team can have. UZ Marketing would be nothing without our customers. Each day, we obsess over ways to improve our customer experience. We are committed to innovate in this industry, in the same way that some of the biggest brands in America have done within their respective industries. We hope to provide the best service possible while being incredibly competitive on price. Armed with these goals, We plan to do whatever it takes, to set new standards for customers of Graphic & Printing companies. Enter,

The Dream Team


Quan Luu, CEO for UZ Marketing

Quan Luu

Chief Executive Officer & Founder

Karthik Ramaswamy, COO for UZ Marketing

Karthik Ramaswamy

Chief Operations Officer

Sohaib Qureshi, Vice President of VibeInk

Sohaib Qureshi

Marketplace Manager

Jamie Garcia, Vice President of UZ Marketing

Jamie Garcia

Office Manager, Sales Coordinator

MariaPaula Cortes, Operations Executive for UZ Marketing

MariaPaula Cortes

Operations Executive

Maribel Moreno, Floor Manager

Maribel Moreno

Floor Manager

Nick McPherson, Facility Manager

Nick McPherson

Facility Manager

Stephanie Garcia, VibeInk Manager

Stephanie Garcia

Marketplace Manager

MelRya Tainatongo, Customer Service Leader

MelRya Tainatongo

Head of Customer Success

Justin Lee, Marketing Director for UZ Marketing

Justin Lee

Head of Creative Exellence

Tohid Chavoshisamarin, Technical Manager for UZ Marketing

Tohid Chavoshisamarin

Technical Manager

Monica Lampton, Configurations Specialist for UZ Marketing

Monica Lampton

Configurations Specialist

Destinee Lavalais, Social Media Manager for UZ Marketing

Destinee Lavalais

Social Media Representative

Denise Ruiz, Customer Success Representative for UZ Marketing

Denise Ruiz

Customer Success -

Iris Zelaya, Customer Success Representative for UZ Marketing

Iris Zelaya

Customer Success -

Gisell Pineda, Customer Success Representative for VibeInk

Gisell Pineda

Customer Success - Marketplaces

Jacqueline Salgado, Customer Success Representative for VibeInk

Jacqueline Salgado

Customer Success - Marketplaces

Khalil Yousef, Graphical Excellence Coordinator Artist for UZ Marketing

Khalil Yousef

Graphical Excellence -

Veronica Saldana, Graphical Excellence Artist for VibeInk

Veronica Saldana

Graphical Excellence - Marketplaces

Jonathan Cash, Graphical Excellence Artist for VibeInk

Jonathan Cash

Graphical Excellence - Marketplaces