No matter what, UZ Marketing would be nothing without our customers! 
Each day we work diligently to provide exceptional value to our services, and to make the people we hold dear happy at all times. We are committed to paving a way through innovation in this growing industry just like you are as business owners. We vow to provide the best service possible while also having competitive prices on all products. With these goals in mind, we will do everything in our power to set the bar high for you and print companies alike. 

Meet Our Team


Quan Luu

Chief Executive Officer & Founder

Karthik Ramaswamy

Chief Operations Officer


MariaPaula Cortes

Operations Executive

Jamie Carollo 

Sales Manager

Maribel Moreno

Floor Manager

Sohaib Qureshi

Marketplace Manager

Tohid Chavoshisamarin

Technical Manager

Justin Lee

Marketing Director

Stephanie Garcia

Human Resources

Monica Lampton

Pricing & Configurations Specialist

Sales Customer SuccessPublic RelationsGraphics Marketplace Production



Claudia Blanco

(832) 916-2710

Sales Executive

MelRya Tainatongo

(281) 815-4110

Sales Executive

Denise Ruiz 

(832) 802-7146

Sales Executive


Customer Success

Janet Rodriguez

Customer Support Specialist 

Jessica Ward 

Customer Experience Specialist

Lisa Nguyen 

Support Specialist


Public Relations

Hertriana Dogopia

Social Media Specialist 

Destinee Lavalais

PR Specialist



Khalil Yousef

Lead Graphic Designer 



Veronica Saldana

Marketplace Catalog Specialist

Gisell Pineda

Marketplace Inventory Specialist

Megan Narvaez

Marketplace Metrics Analyst

Jacqueline Salgado 

Marketplace Customer Experience Specialist



Marcelino Cocon

Assistant Floor Manager

Jonathan Vaqueriano

Assistant Facility Manager

Maricela Alvarez

Supervisor - Marketplace

Lidia Morel 

Supervisor - Apparel Printing

Nohemi Chavez

Supervisor - Dark Room 

Elizabeth Salas 

Supervisor - Shipping/Receiving 

David Martinez

Supervisor - Inventory

Genesis Zelaya 

Supervisor - HP 

Ivania Anariba

Supervisor -  Print