Cheap Bandit Signs (Green Program)

The Green Program

20% OFF Misprints - Limited Quantity

Crazy Low Bandit Sign Prices Through Our New Green Program! We'll print on misprints.

*Choice of flute direction or plastic color is NOT available.

Over the years we've acquired a bunch of misprints / returns / test prints. Some still have 1 blank side available to print on, others have been covered with white ink to allow for printing over it. While the old image is still somewhat visible under the whited out area, your design will still be visible


12" x 18" (Small)25$ 50.00
50$ 65.00
100$ 99.00
200$ 195.00
300$ 291.00
400$ 388.00
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Step 1 - Choose Your Options


How many colors are we printing? Sign material color does not count towards print color.

Note: black is considered 1 color. Light green and dark green would be considered 2 different colors. To save you money and time, we may consolidate 2 similar colors by using halftones if the colors you paid for is less than the colors on your graphic. 

Please also note Full (4) color CMYK process jobs will have a slight color variation from your design. If color accuracy is critical, please purchase full color digital signs

Color Matching and Variations
UZ Marketing does not offer color matching on screen-printed or vinyl signs. We offer basic colors such as black, red, blue, green, orange and maroon. We do offer fairly precise color matching on full color or digital prints and often come close, but due to our ink mixing process, we CANNOT GUARANTEE color matching.

Selecting "No" will NOT mean incorrect colors will be substituted in your artwork; blues will print blue, reds will print red, etc.

Is color accuracy important for you? This will be relevant for those who own franchise business with specific color requirements, or those who require the sign color to match the logo color. We mix the inks by hand to make the color you selected.

By selecting "Yes", we will use our pantone mixing system to select the pantone color(s) that closest matches your artwork

Typically, signs printed for "Bandit sign" purposes will not require color accuracy.

If you have a specific color code already, please provide the pantone color code by following this link > and make sure the color ends in "c". Mention the pms code in the special instructions section

If "no" is selected on this option, we will use the closet stock color to your artwork. Please note that while we try to get as close to the provided art color as possible, there may be some color variation. If you require color accuracy, please select "yes".


Some of our basic stock inks are:

Would you like to print on the Front Only or Both Sides?

Our turnaround times refer solely to production. Once production is complete it may take up to one business day for orders to ship or be available for pick-up. Local delivery orders will be delivered on the next scheduled Thursday or Friday (excluding the Thursday of production). It is our goal to release all jobs as soon as completion of production allows. The last day of your turn-around is not a guaranteed "in hands" date.

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