Unlimited Print Design

Unlimited Graphic Designs For Print for 365 Days*

Take advantage of our Unlimited Graphic Design for Print Service to get professionally designed graphics for all your printing needs! Once you purchase, you will be enrolled for 365 days, starting the day you placed the order. Then, just fill out a short questionnaire each time you need a print design. We will then charge you for the printing, and proceed with the design of your project.

To put the value of this subscription into perspective, if you order the following in one year, which is common for most businesses to purchase within a year, the subscription pays for itself! 

  • 4 sets of Postcards ($95 design fee x 4 = $380)
  • 1 set of business cards ($35 design fee)
  • 1 set of brochures ($95 design fee)
  • 1 banner ($50 design fee)
  • 1 flag ($35 design fee)
  • 1 royalty free stock image ($10/ea.)

Easy 1, 2, 3 steps

  1. Subscript to Unlimited Print Design
  2. Purchase the printing(s)
  3. Reply back to the invoice email with design details

**We are currently in open beta testing of this subscription service. Once enrolled, you will be eligible for an unlimited number of print designs with UZ Marketing, as long as you purchase the printing for the design through us. The options and terms are subject to change as we continue to improve this service. However, once you are enrolled for the unlimited print design subscription, you will remain enrolled until the expiry date.

Step 1 - Choose Your Options

Matched with top graphic designers capable of taking on any projects you request.


Create print graphic design projects for marketing materials such as business cards, postcards, flyers, mailers / EDDM and much more...


Dependable designers working on your requests daily with 24-48 hr. turnaround on most projects.


Your new design will be created in high resolution for use in print.


Hassle free communication through real time chat and notification system


Total :$ 500.00