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We'll cover up the misprint/previous image with black ink. Your image/text will be printed OVER the black using white ink. The back side will also be covered with BLACK ink. UZ's promo text** will be printed in white ink over the black coverup. 

NOTE: When held in your hands, you will clearly see blemishes, as is to be expected from a REFURBISHED product. Please note the previous design can be visible as well. However, when seen from a 12 ft distance as yard signs are intended, the blemishes and previous design will seem minimal and will function as a yard sign should, with no issues.  

**UZ's promo text/content may change over time, but will generally advertise our products. 

Green program yard signs are sold AS IS, and are not eligible for refunds or returns. This is a USED/REFURBISHED product.

By purchasing RECYCLED yard signs, you acknowledge you are purchasing RECYCLED signs, with either 1) a previous image covered with black ink OR 2) the blank side being covered with black ink as well (if a blank side exists). You also acknowledge that the RECYCLED signs may have some blemishes, considering it is a previously printed and thus RECYCLED product. We highly discourage the use of RECYCLED signs if you are representing your brand. By purchasing RECYCLED yard signs, you agree that you are not eligible for a refund or reprint.

*"Up To 70% Discount" refers to new signs at other ecommerce yard sign suppliers

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