Election Yard Signs

Looking for a way to edge out the competition or support your candidate without breaking the bank? Our election yard signs are preconfigured to meet the standard qualificatons.

Printed exclusively on white plastic.

Available size: 18x24.

30" Wire Stakes are included with this product. In order to keep our prices competitive, stakes cannot be removed from this bundle. But at these rock bottom prices, why would you want to?

Here is what's included?

  1. Double Sided Printing 
  2. White Plastic (compatible with wire stakes)
  3. 30" Wire Stakes
  4. Magnetic Signs (Free gift!)
  5. 30 Campaign Buttons 2.25" x 2.25" (Free gift!)
  6. Standard Coverage Warranty
  7. 93% Color Match Guarantee (Maximum color shift of 7%)

All yard signs are printed with a 12ft viewing distance quality control measure. Please see our 12 ft viewing distance policy.

NOTE: In order to keep our costs low and offer streamlined turnaround for all customers, once an order has been placed, it cannot be cancelled or changed. Cancellation policy.


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Step 1 - Choose Your Options

Lower quantities are priced at "full color" and will be printed on a digital machine.

Border Setup indicates whether you want a white border or not. No border is called Full Bleed, which specifies the coroplast will have printing from edge to edge

If you prefer a 0.5" white border around the edges, just indicate it on the order, and enjoy a production discount!

Color Matching and Variations
UZ Marketing does not offer color matching on screen-printed. We offer fairly precise color matching on screen and digital prints, often with a shift of less than 5%. However, due to ink mixing process, device/monitor/screen calibrations, and files with different color modes, we CANNOT GUARANTEE 100% accurate color matching.

The picture below indicates border setup. Choose the appropriate option based on your preference. 

This option will allow you for an additional cost to have Rounded Corners Magnetic Signs! The car magnets that will print will be the same design as your yard sign. Please ensure your car door is magnetic. Magnetic Signs will not adhere to fiberglass or aluminum doors.

If you plan on wanting car magnets in full color and different than your yard sign design click here for more options. 

Custom Car Door Magnet

 (Round 2.25x2.25)

We'll use the same image as your signs and create some awesome pin buttons and send them out with your order!

Total :$ 443.59