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Transparent pricing policy
This page shows you out the door pricing*. Don't be bamboozled by hidden shipping charges or "the penny guys"! We are committed to giving you ultra competitive pricing without having to reach the payment page to see your actual cost.

The 100 signs for $99 special is pre-configured on this page! If you want to take advantage of this special, you don't have to change any options. If you'd like to customize your sign, follow the steps below:

1. Select size
2. Select quantity
3. Select plastic color
4. Select # of printed colors (minus the plastic color)
5. Front only? Or front/back?
6. Select if you need a specific pantone matched color?
7. Select flute direction - Flute direction is NOT the same as portrait/landscape. Click the orange tool tip for clarification
8. Select mounting option
9. Select discounted bundle add-ons

Then hit the "next" button to either upload your design or design it online for free using our designer studio or select from one of our templates.

All yard signs are printed with a 12ft viewing distance quality control measure. Please see our 12 ft viewing distance policy.

Please note. In order to keep our costs low and offer streamlined turnaround for all customers, once an order has been placed, it cannot be cancelled or changed. Cancellation policy.

Custom Political And Business Yard Signs

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Step 1 - Choose Your Options

Lower quantities are priced at "full color" and will be printed on a digital machine.

We use industry standard 4mm corrugated plastic sheets, which is quality combed with a fine tooth inspection before printing. We offer WHITE sheets as standard, and also offer YELLOW sheets in 18x24, 9x24, & 12x18 sizes at no additional cost. 

The corrugated holes aka FLUTES are square shaped. It is easy to slide a metal wire stake into. They fit most 9 gauge metal wire stakes sold around the country, but are best used with our brand of metal wire-stakes


How many colors are we printing? Sign material color does not count towards print color.

Note: black is considered 1 color. Light green and dark green would be considered 2 different colors. To save you money and time, we may consolidate 2 similar colors by using halftones if the colors you paid for is less than the colors on your graphic. 

Please also note Full (4) color CMYK process jobs will have a slight color variation from your design. If color accuracy is critical, please purchase full color digital signs

Color Matching and Variations
UZ Marketing does not offer color matching on screen-printed or vinyl signs. We offer basic colors such as black, red, blue, green, orange and maroon. We do offer fairly precise color matching on full color or digital prints and often come close, but due to our ink mixing process, we CANNOT GUARANTEE color matching.


Would you like to print on the Front Only or Both Sides?

Please note that We will always assume your stake compatibility selection is based on READABLE SIDE up.
See below if you upload an image sideways.

"Compatible with Metal Stakes" will ALWAYS be compatible with metal H stakes inserted.

"Incompatible with Metal Stakes" will NEVER be usable with metal stakes.

You assume all liability for your stake compatibility selection. We have multiple resources to assist in selecting the right one.

Flute direction does not refer to image orientation. If you upload a sideways design, be sure you select the flute direction as if you uploaded the image right side up. For orders that will include the use of H-Stakes, such as yard, parking, real estate, and election signs, please select "Up and Down" flute. Please note that H Stakes will NOT work with Left to Right flute direction.

Short Stake are estimated at 10" x 15" in size. 

Medium Stake are estimated at 10" x 24" in size. 

Tall/Long Stake are estimated at 10" x 30" in size. 

Custom Yard Signs 100 signs for $99 Houston TX


"Ships in xx Time" refers to providing a tracking number via UPS once your order has completed production. UZ Marketing has a UPS pickup truck come twice a week for Free Shipping (5-7 business days option). Paid shipping is taken to the UPS store daily. Please select the corresponding shipping option if you require a guaranteed in hands date. 

Our turnaround times refer solely to production. Once production is complete it may take up to one business day for orders to be available for pick-up. Local delivery orders will be delivered on the next scheduled delivery day (excluding the day of production). It is our goal to release all jobs as soon as completion of production allows. The last day of your turn-around is not a guaranteed "in hands" date.

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