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Our 4mm corrugated plastic yard signs offer complete customization and exceptional weather resistance. These signs utilize UV curing technology to harden the ink, ensuring long-lasting vibrancy and durability. Perfect for outdoor advertising, these signs combine versatility, customization, and weather resistance to effectively promote your message or brand.

Yard Signs

“Multi Color” indicates that you can print any colors that do not include a 0.5" border.

This choice costs extra due to the printing method we use for No Border signs. We print No Border signs in our digital printing department rather than screen printing. 


During the screen printing process, we leave a 0.5” border around the edge so that we can handle the sign during printing without touching the artwork. If we were to extend the border to the edge, we’d have no way of handling the signs. Therefore, we send all “No Border” signs to our digital printing department, where they can print a whole design without a border without touching the sign until completely finished. 


The color matching process involves finding an ink formula for a specific PMS code, and then hand-mixing different ink colors to create your perfect color match. PMS colors are Pantone colors, which are a specific “brand” of color. These specific codes allow us to mix colors to a specific formula to produce an exact replica of the color you choose. 


H-Stakes are the stakes that you will likely use to put your signs in the ground. When we talk about stake compatibility, we are asking what flute direction you want your signs to be. Vertical flutes will have flutes that run up and down the height of the sign. Horizontal flutes will run side to side on the width of the signs. Vertical flutes ARE able to be used with stakes and are therefore H-Stake Compatible. Horizontal flutes ARE NOT able to be used with stakes and are, therefore, NOT H-Stake Compatible. 


We recommend using 2 stakes for these signs if you plan to stick them in the ground. All our stakes run 10 inches wide, so you can easily use two stakes on either side of the sign, allowing for more structure when putting it into the ground. 


Shading, gradients, or photo images are all counted as “Unlimited Color” signs. 


Yellow plastic can be used if that’s the background color you would like to get. However, only limited amount of colors work with yellow plastic. If you want actual yellow ink, we would recommend for you to choose white coroplast, however, yellow ink is very difficult to read from a distance.


Our yard signs are made with a 4mm corrugated polypropylene (coroplast) material. These signs are durable enough for outdoor use, while still being very light in weight. 


We price our signs by design, rather than whole quantities. In the screen printing process, we must create silk screen “cut-outs” of your design, which would require different screens per design. Our prices are built with these screens in mind for each job, so different designs must be placed as different jobs. 


“Full Bleed” means that the artwork on the product will extend all the way to the edges of the signs, with no border around the edges. 


Scoring is the process of slicing a sign down a flute (the tubes that run through the signs) on one side, allowing us to fold the sign and send it via our Free Shipping!. This slice is razor thin and easily concealable. 


For yard signs, we don’t require a back file to be uploaded if you selected for both sides to be printed with the same artwork. However, for other products on our website, we do recommend doing so.


Stock colors are inks that are premade and ready to be used at any given time for Yard Signs only. If you want to select a special color that is not found within our stock colors, we recommend to select Color Match while checking out.


Step 1 - Choose Your Options

Two Colors (2) (0.5Three Colors (3) (0.5Multi Color (NO border)
One Color (1) (0.5" white border)
Two Colors (2) (0.5"white border)
Three Colors (3) (0.5" white border)
Multi Color (NO border)
2 Sided (Same as Front)2 Sided (Different on Each Side)2 Sided + Directional Arrows
1 Side Only
2 Sided (Same as Front)
2 Sided (Different on Each Side)
2 Sided + Directional Arrows
1530Grommets 4 CornersNo sign display needed
24" Wire Stakes
15" Wire Stakes
30" Wire Stakes
Grommets 4 Corners
No sign display needed
Unit Price :$ 3.00/ea.
Total : $ 400.14 $ 300.39
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